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HKBU School of Business Fosters Inclusive Leadership in Corporate Sector

12 Mar, 2024
img The Hong Kong Baptist University School of Business, in collaboration with the Alumni Affairs Office, hosted an engaging dialogue on 6 March 2024 entitled “Beyond Gender: Impact of Female Leadership and Male Alliance on DE&I in the Corporate World.” The event drew an audience of 240 students, alumni, and staff eager to discuss the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) in the corporate realm. Esteemed alumni Kitty LUN, Director, Head of Creative Shop for Greater China at Meta, and Andrew WONG, CEO of Health & Beauty at DFI Retail Group, were featured speakers who highlighted the critical role of DE&I in spurring workplace innovation.

Prof. Yuk Shing CHENG, Interim Dean of the School of Business, opened the session with a warm welcome, celebrating the union of HKBU alumni and community members in a conversation aimed at fostering inclusive leadership and diverse corporate cultures.

Guest speakers Kitty LUN and Andrew WONG then took the stage to share their personal career journeys and exchange enlightened views on leadership, focusing on the symbiotic relationship between female leadership and male allyship with the audience.

Kitty, a visionary in the advertising industry, drew from her extensive experience to illustrate how embracing diversity in thought is crucial for spurring innovation and catalysing meaningful change within the creative sector. She highlighted the instrumental role of women in leadership, providing compelling anecdotes to demonstrate how their distinct viewpoints can drive disruptive innovation and push companies towards new frontiers of success.

Andrew, an alumnus of the School’s Business Administration programme, shared his executive insights, emphasizing the transformative influence of male allies in advocating for gender equity. He provided practical examples and demonstrated how male advocacy is not just beneficial but essential for cultivating a balanced and inclusive workplace. His experiences shed light on the collective impact of allyship in corporate culture, proving that when men actively support gender diversity, they contribute to a more dynamic and successful business environment.

Dr. Monique Shui-Ki WAN, the Associate Dean (Taught Postgraduate Studies) and the Director of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) and MSc Business Management (MScBM) programmes at the School of Business, facilitated the dialogue, steering the conversation through a diverse range of topics including the gender pay gap, recruitment practices, DE&I training and policy, and cultural shifts within organizations. Her moderation integrated research and practical insights, enriching the audience's understanding of these critical issues.
During the Q&A session, the audience's enthusiasm was evident from the multitude of insightful questions posed, showcasing their profound interest in and commitment to furthering the discourse on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The event concluded with Ms. Christine CHOW, Vice-President (Administration) and Secretary of HKBU, extending her appreciation to the speakers with the presentation of souvenirs. A commemorative group photo was taken, capturing the spirit of the successful event.

The “A Business Ensemble: Dialogues with Alumni Leaders” series has once again demonstrated its value as a vibrant forum for knowledge exchange, networking, and mutual inspiration, solidifying the School of Business' dedication to creating an environment where every individual has the opportunity to excel.
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