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Dean’s Cup Business Innovation Gymnasium 6.0 (BIG 6.0)

31 May, 2021
img The HKBU School of Business organised the 6th Dean’s Cup Business Innovation Gymnasium (BIG) competition, attracting 33 entries from 85 students across 8 universities in Hong Kong. The Champion went to the Phertility of 2 students from HKBU BBA Marketing Concentration. The final presentation of the competition was concluded on 27 May 2021.

The winning team, comprised of ONG Yin Vern, Hayley, Year 2, BBA Marketing Concentration and YU Yi Hui, Tara, Year 2, BBA Marketing Concentration. The winning idea—Phertility is a smart bracelet that works with a smartphone APP to provide insight into the menstrual cycle. Incorporating science and data analytics, the bracelet and app duo will detect the women’s fertile window to improve their chances of conceiving.

The Dean’s Cup BIG is a business idea competition for students to develop their business plans and to connect with like-minded peers and industry insiders. Challenging students to develop business solutions for business or individual problems, the competition gathers a judging panel of academics and business professionals to guide and advise students based on real-life experiences. The 6th Dean’s Cup BIG was honoured by Mr. Jason Chen, CEO and Co-founder of Wada Bento, Mr. Tetsuya Nohara, Director, Economic Research & Business Support Dept, Jetro HK, and Mr. Michael Yip, Partner, LimeHK, joining Prof. Ed Snape, Dean of the School of Business, to form the panel and better students’ ideas.