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HKBU Department of Marketing Receives Government Grant to Foster Social Entrepreneurship Education

01 Feb, 2021
img The Department of Marketing has received a grant of around HK$2.7 million from the Government’s Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund to launch a social entrepreneurship education project titled “Nurturing Global-minded Changemakers”.

It is the first structured educational project in Hong Kong to include elements of social innovation, capacity building, network development, and entrepreneurial marketing case research. HKBU students will be provided with extensive experiential learning opportunities related to social entrepreneurship.

The project includes five social entrepreneurial marketing courses. In this semester, students from the courses formed teams to help designated social venture partners develop innovative business proposals, and they will compete for a grant of HK$150,000 to implement the initiatives. The venture partners include Codekey Cookies, Happeriod, Okapi Studio and Trial and Error Lab.

Prof. Ed Snape, Dean of the School of Business, said that the project is a unique platform for students and it will enable them to gain hands-on knowledge and insights about social innovation while working with their social venture partners to create and deliver social impact.
Original article: HKBU News
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