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Young people keen to dine together and travel overseas post-pandemic, says HKBU marketing survey

06 May, 2020
img The Department of Marketing of the HKBU School of Business revealed their survey results on young people’s post-coronavirus plans. The objective of the study was to understand their consumption behaviours and expectations after the COVID-19 outbreak has been contained. These findings will enable businesses to formulate effective marketing strategies after the anti-infection measures have been lifted.

Conducted by the Department of Marketing at HKBU between 16 and 21 April, the online survey successfully collected responses from 445 citizens aged between 18 and 30. More than 70% of the young respondents said that dining out together is what they want to do most after the anti-infection measures have been lifted. On the other hand, nearly 60% of the young people surveyed said they are eager to travel overseas once COVID-19 has been contained, but only 20% think that it will actually be possible this summer.

The survey asked participants what they want to do most after the anti-infection measures have been lifted. 71.2% of them chose "dine together", followed by "gym and exercising" (34.8%) and "entertaining activities" (34.8%), while 33.7% of them chose "shopping". For those who chose "dine together", over 60% of them want to have hot pot, while more than half of them would like to eat at Japanese and Korean restaurants.

Dr. Henry Fock, Head of the Department of Marketing, said that with people expressing an increased desire to dine out, restaurants are advised to make timely adjustments to their food delivery service teams, and they should deploy more floor staff in response to the potential surge in customer demand. However, at the same time, they also need to maintain stringent hygiene and anti-infection measures to protect the health of customers and employees.

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