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​Top BBA Students Awarded Competitive HSBC & AIA Scholarships

12 Sep, 2022
img Four high-calibre BBA students have been recently honoured with prestigious scholarships in recognition of their outstanding academic performance, well-rounded development and commitment to serving the community.

Jiang Chenling (BBA Finance, Year 3) is one of the 20 HKBU students awarded the HSBC Scholarships, excelling in the tough competition to receive the HSBC Greater Bay Area (Hong Kong) Scholarship of HK$80,000. She felt honoured to be given the recognition and will keep on exploring the opportunities in the Greater Bay Area. The annual HSBC Scholar Day was hosted on 21 July to recognise over 270 awardees of the HSBC Scholarship Scheme from 19 local universities and higher education institutions in Hong Kong.

Chiu Sin-ying (Accounting), Ip Sze-nga (BBA) and Leung Ka-ling (BBA) were recognised with the AIA Scholarships 2021-22, each receiving an award of HK$50,000 each year throughout their undergraduate studies. AIA Group Limited established the AIA Scholarships in 2020 and has pledged US$100 million to support 100 undergraduates every year to pursue studies at universities in Hong Kong over the next few decades. An award ceremony was conducted on 3 August.
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