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School Awards 2020-21 honour teaching, research and service excellence

28 Apr, 2021
img The Annual School Awards of the HKBU School of Business recognise colleagues for their outstanding teaching, research and service. Six faculty members were honoured in the Awards for 2020-21.

Teaching (individual)
Dr. Man Ko, Senior Lecturer, Department of Accountancy and Law
Dr. Ko’s teaching philosophy is to focus on converting theory into practice and to foster ethical professionals and business leaders by establishing a role model for students. Being an experienced certified public accountant himself, Dr. Ko continuously updates his professional knowledge and he shares his real life professional experience and analytical skills in his teaching. He coaches students in case competitions, helping many HKBU student teams to competitive success in prestigious case competitions. He also leads the student internship programme, and has arranged more than 1,200 internship placements in the last 10 years. Dr. Ko is committed to serving the professional accounting organisations and the wider community. In particularly, Dr. Ko is very keen to help less advantaged groups to overcome learning challenges and to obtain student internship placements.
Dr. Brandon Ng, Senior Lecturer, Department of Management
A firm believer in applying Bloom’s Taxonomy of Knowledge, emphasising analytical skills as well as the simple acquisition of knowledge, Dr. Brandon Ng has designed his teaching around three pillars – learning framework, intellectual skills, and real-life applications. Dedicated to providing students with a tailor-made learning experience, Dr. Ng teaches with real-life business examples. Rather than relying on material from textbook, Dr Ng is a great believer in developing his own learning materials and assessments, aligned with his own designed learning frameworks and Bloom's Taxonomy. Dr. Ng is known for receiving excellent student feedback on his teaching, and students are highly appreciative of Dr Ng as an excellent role model.
Scholarly Work
Prof. Kim-sau Chung, Professor, Department of Economics
Prof. Chung is an esteemed scholar with an impressive track-record of scholarly work published in a range of top international journals, including  the Economic Journal, Journal of Economic Theory, and Journal of Public Economics. Since joining HKBU in 2017, Prof. Chung has published three research papers in grade A journals, and secured four GRF grants for projects he leads or co-leads, with a total funding of  over HK$1.5 million. His academic leadership is well-recognised at HKBU and beyond, as evidenced by his significant appointments, including the founding director of the School of Business’ Centre for Business Analytics and the Digital Economy and a core member of HKBU’s Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Cluster, the President of the Chinese Economic Association in North America for 2021-22, an editorial advisor of the Canadian Journal of Economics, and a member of the Assessment Panel for Public Policy Research and Strategy Public Policy Research Schemes in 2020-2022. Prof. Chung is often invited by prestigious universities around the world, including Stanford, Princeton, Yale, and Northwestern etc., to present his research as an external seminar speaker.
Dr. Lei Su, Associate Professor, Department of Marketing
A well-recognised expert in the consumer behaviour field, Dr. Lei Su advances the mission of generating knowledge that not only contributes to academic debate but also brings practical  managerial implications. Dr. Su has published papers in top-tier journals including Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Marketing and Journal of Consumer Research, since she started to work as an Assistant Professor in 2014. Dr. Su has led grant-funded projects over the years as Principal Investigator, synergising her expertise in consumer behaviour with big data analytics and generating novel and cross-disciplinary knowledge. Her high quality of scholarly work is making an important impact and contribution to the academic discipline and the marketing profession. She is regularly  invited to contribute guest talks at universities and conferences overseas. Dr. Su won the Best Paper Award in the prestigious 2017 La Londe Conference, and has been a reviewer for top marketing journals and international conferences. 
Dr. Shui Ki Wan, Associate Professor, Department of Economics
Dr. Wan has made substantial service contributions within and beyond the University. She is currently the Programme Director of two MSc programmes at the School of Business taking a proactive role in designing curriculum, building the industry network, and upholding the quality of the programmes. With her expertise in Big Data & AI, Dr. Wan has been actively promoting these themes through online and offline channels. As a supportive and popular teacher, Dr. Wan has mentored many students over the years, and regularly provides extra guidance for students on their study plans and future career plans, especially during COVID-19. Dr. Wan also serves as a member of a variety of panels and committees at HKBU and for the profession. Internally, she is a member of the Senate and the Department Exco, and the Chair of the Service-Learning Committee. Externally, she is the Associate Editor of the academic journal, Pacific Economic Review, and a member of the Economics Subject Committee, HKSAR.  
Prof. W. S. Siu, Professor, Department of Marketing [and the awardee of President’s Award in Outstanding Performance in Service]
With his immense experience in social entrepreneurship, professionally and personally, Prof. Siu has turned social entrepreneurship education, a new and unknown discipline when he began over a deade ago, into one of the core strengths of the Department of Marketing. Much of the impetus came from his role as directorship of the Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) in Marketing, and Prof. Siu developed the first marketing programme in Hong Kong with a meaningful directive on social entrepreneurial marketing and nonprofit marketing, and while nurturing a team of outstanding teachers with an entrepreneurial spirit to drive the programme forward. Externally, Prof. Siu’s small firm and entrepreneurship research in Greater China have provided the basis for his consultancy work and public service, both in the professional community and in the community at large. Not only has he been invited by NGOs, e.g., Yeh Family Philanthropy, and renowned corporates, e.g., JP Morgan Chase, to lead capacity building and community development projects, he is also the founder of a social enterprise, Entrepreneurship Workshop Ministry Limited, which aims to empower underprivileged women by providing training and support for starting their own businesses. He is also a co-opted member of the Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund Task Force.
President’s Award for Outstanding Performance in Early Career Teaching 2021
Dr. Yoon Hoo KIM, Assistant Professor, Department of Accountancy and Law
Central to Dr. Kim’s teaching philosophy is providing students with a customised learning experience. From his own learning experience in diverse educational environments across multiple countries, Dr. Kim understands the differences an empathic teacher can make on a student’s learning journey. Hence, he proactively engages with students throughout the courses he teaches, trying to understand students’ background,  level of knowledge and learning needs.  From there, Dr. Kim is able to customise his course materials and pedagogy. Adapting to online-learning during the pandemic, Dr. Kim has developed new supplementary teaching materials, leveraging on students’ heavy usage of smart devices to include a list of meticulously curated interactive resources from social media platforms. Dr. Kim also introduced innovative and interactive teaching methods to maximise learning, including designing a virtual stock exchange game that allowed students to participate in the stock market on a real-time basis and compete with classmates. Dr. Kim also contributes to the General Education programme and he believes that customised learning is a good fit with the General Education philosophy at HKBU as the GE Programme aims to provide a foundational basis in Whole Person Education.