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Unveiling AI's Open Source Evolution and Cybersecurity Frontier at HKBU AI Force Workshop

29 Jan, 2024
img (from right) Prof. Kin CHAN, Professor of Practice, Department of Management, Marketing, and Information Systems of the School of Business, Prof. Yuk Shing CHENG, Interim Dean, Mr. Sammy FUNG, President of Open Source Hong Kong and Founder of the Open Platform Society, Mr. Gary WOO, Cyber Security Consultant of Trellix, and Dr. Monique Shui-Ki WAN, Associate Dean (Taught Postgraduate Studies)

The HKBU School of Business has taken a significant leap forward in the realm of AI by launching the AI Force Workshop Series, a visionary program designed to cultivate a robust community of practice in AI knowledge exchange. This pioneering initiative was set in motion through a strategic alliance with the Open Platform Society and Open Source Hong Kong, marking a new chapter in collaborative learning and innovation.
On 25th January, 2024, the series proudly unveiled its inaugural event, "AI – The Open Source Story," a gathering that attracted over 80 enthusiastic participants including business students, seasoned professionals, alumni, and esteemed members of the academic community. The session was graced by the insights of Mr. Sammy FUNG, President of Open Source Hong Kong and creator of the Open Platform Society, as well as Mr. Gary WOO, a distinguished Cyber Security Consultant from Trellix. Their expertise illuminated the intricate tapestry of AI's current landscape.
The event began with Dr. Jing LIU, Programme Director for the MSc in Data Analytics and Business Economics at HKBU, extending a warm reception to the attendees. This set the tone for Prof. Kin CHAN, Professor of Practice in the Department of Management, Marketing, and Information Systems and moderator for the workshop. Prof. CHAN adeptly navigated through AI's historical milestones, tracing its ascent from an abstract notion to a technological vanguard. His captivating discourse laid the groundwork for an intellectually stimulating day ahead.
Mr. Sammy FUNG then took center stage to differentiate between Open AI—known for its commitment to ethical standards and transparency—and Open Source AI, which is celebrated for its open collaboration and accessible coding environment. Mr. FUNG's comparative analysis of various AI models, including Open AI's GPT and DALL-E 2, Meta's LLaMA 2, and TII's Falcon, provided a clear perspective on the industry's openness spectrum. He further discussed open source principles, AI development processes, and showcased several open source AI tools. Additionally, Mr. FUNG applauded the Open Source Initiative's (OSI) efforts in formulating an Open Source AI Definition and their thorough Open Process Deep Dive.
Dr. Monique Shui-Ki WAN, Associate Dean (Taught Postgraduate Studies) at the School, prefaced Mr. Gary WOO's insightful exploration into "The Impact of AI in Cybersecurity." Mr. WOO dissected AI's revolutionary impact on cybersecurity, highlighting its capability to bolster defenses, enhance threat detection, and devise sophisticated countermeasures against complex cyber threats. His analysis emphasized AI's pivotal role in predictive analytics and proactive security strategies, offering a rich understanding of AI's indispensability in cybersecurity.
The workshop culminated in an animated discussion orchestrated by Prof. CHAN, who facilitated an interactive dialogue between the audience and speakers. This segment proved exceptionally valuable for students, who gleaned industry insights and practical guidance on navigating their future careers within the AI and cybersecurity domains. In a gesture of appreciation for the speakers' invaluable contributions, Prof. Yuk Shing CHENG, Interim Dean of the School, presented them with tokens of gratitude.
The HKBU AI Force Workshop Series stands as a testament to the power of collaborative knowledge-sharing and networking between academia and industry experts. By drawing on the wisdom of distinguished speakers and nurturing a climate conducive to active engagement, the series empowers participants to remain abreast of the rapid advancements in AI technology.
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